About Horses Academy

HORSES ACADEMY is horse breeding and training school in which sport, grace and elegance goes as one. Because of disciplined work and careful training we are able to raise Lithuania‘s future champions. Riding instructors put all their heart so that all horses would be supervised and unforgotten.

For admirers of this sport HORSES ACADEMY can offer quality riding lessons, which result will be great horse riding skills and also feel of freedom and sense of peace


HORSES ACADEMY mission - sport horse breading, horse preparation for show jumping competitions. Participation in various tournaments.
To earn our clients trust and to increase market of sport horses in Lithuania and in foreign.



HORSES ACADEMY seeks to become a leader in sport horse breading, an example of a quality service and a standard of honesty and persistence. We hope for a long term partnership with present and future clients



  • Quality - remaining high quality service.
  • Reliability - surpassing client's expectations with smooth and accurate work.
  • Honesty and responsibility
  • Cooperation- friendly and long term relationship between present and future clients.